Alessandro A.

Re: Akashic Records Session

"Thank you so much, Esther! I really enjoyed our session, and I very much appreciate all the nice information you passed along to me. This clarified so many things for me. I will keep in touch in the future and reach out with more questions and updates. Thanks again. Much love to you. Best regards."

Kristin K.

Re: Mediumship & Akashic Records Sessions

"Esther's mediumship brought me joy and consolation at a very sorrowful time. I am now able to celebrate the passing of my loved one. So much healing, and I am so grateful. Esther's Akashic reading gave me tangible information that helped me put some very elusive parts of my life programming into a perspective I could embrace and heal! I highly recommend her readings."

Cathy W.

Re: Akashic Records Session

"My Akashic reading was wonderful. I felt so peaceful during the whole reading, and everything resonated with me. It really helped me to move forward to my next step easily and confidently. I am so thankful to Esther!"

Julie R.

Re: Akashic Records Session

I am so grateful for my Akashic Reading with Esther, and I got more out of it than I thought possible, including information about my parents and our connection from a previous lifetime. We walked through past lives that had an impact on this one, and I had a big ah-ha moment."

Casey R.

Re: Akashic Records & Mediumship Sessions

"I'm excited to share my thoughts on how Catherine has never ceased to amaze me. Always kind and thoughtful, her uncanny ability to know things about my life and my past is incredible. She is a great listener and explains things in such a caring, loving way that I always come away feeling much better than before my reading. Her ability to communicate with loved ones who have passed away is absolutely my favorite part. I highly recommend a session with her; you will not be disappointed."

Betty R.

Re: Akashic Records & Mediumship Sessions

"Catherine has read my Akashic record and given me several readings. They have helped me to better understand a lot about myself and who I am today. I also had my father pass away recently. I called her immediately. She helped me through this by letting me communicate directly with him. Understanding from my parent's point of view as to what happens as they crossover through the veil was so exciting and comforting.  This really helped me through the grieving process. A wonderful experience!"