Catherine Channels Esther

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Mediumship Reading

It is difficult and painful to lose someone you love. Sometimes it is hard to move on without knowing they are ok or wishing you had the chance to talk to them one last time. So it is with much compassion and love that I connect in and mediate that conversation. This can be someone who has recently passed or from years ago. Allowing yourself to release some of that pain can be a wonderful healing experience on many levels.


Akashic Records Reading

Your being is truly far more than the person you see now. Let your guides bring forward some of the past lives you have lived and the experiences that have influenced who you are today. This exploration can expand the definition of self and provide more of an understanding of who you truly are.



Combination Reading

In this session, I provide space to ask questions and have some discussions. We can bring in the Guides, Ascended Masters, and those that resonate with you to ask questions such as... How do we navigate this new energy with our families, workplace? Not all of us have support in our spiritual journey from those around us. But you do have a spiritual team standing by ready to get you through any difficulties you may be having. Learn who they are and take advantage of what they can offer. After all, that's why they are here.

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